Cyber Security Content Developer Intern



About the job

Your internship will primarily be focused on designing and developing cyber security content (CTF challenges, security class workshops, documentation, etc.) for a range of audiences.

Target topic examples include general Capture The Flag topics like web security, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, and digital forensics. Any kind of cyber security topic is fair game but we generally are designing with a CTF angle in mind.

For topics which you aren't familiar with, you will work with your intern manager to identify exercises and documentation for self-study. As you learn each topic you will be expected to create Capture The Flag focused content based on the topics that you've learned.

In addition to the challenges you create, we will be looking to create a "syllabus" for newcomers to CTFs to learn how to solve the challenges that you are developing.

Occasionally during the internship you may be asked to contribute changes to open source projects under the CTFd Github organization such as or

At the end of the internship we will be looking for the following:

  • Created a number of CTF challenges that showcase topics across all the CTF categories. Roughly 2 challenges created per week of the internship.
  • A "syllabus" for the topics that you've learned or just general security topics.

We will discuss prior to the beginning of your internship whether you will be remote or in-person depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

Pay Range: $15 - $20/hr

About you

You are a student pursuing a career in cyber security.

If you enjoy CTFs and would like to experiment with esoteric technologies, learn more about cyber security, this is an internship for you.

A range of experiences are welcome. College students and coding bootcamp graduates are welcome to apply.


  • Programming experience in any programming language with at least one programming class.


  • Experience with writing a non-trivial application in any programming language (e.g. NodeJS, Python, Golang, Ruby, Rust, etc.)
  • Experience participating in a CTF competition
  • Experience running a CTF competition
  • Experience using CTFd in a CTF competition