Cyber Security Content Developer



About the job

Your work will primarily be focused on designing and developing cyber security content (CTF challenges, security class workshops, documentation, etc.) for a range of audiences. Audiences can range from seasoned developers to high school students.

Target topic examples include general Capture The Flag topics like web security, reverse engineering, binary exploitation, and digital forensics. Any kind of cyber security topic is fair game but we generally are designing with a CTF angle in mind.

About you

This job posting is for those who enjoy participating in Capture The Flag competitions and enjoy teaching others about cyber security vulnerabilities, mitigations, and techniques.

You are a developer with experience in participating in CTF competitions and knowledge of cyber security vulnerabilities.

You enjoy CTFs and would like to experiment with esoteric technologies, learn more about cyber security, and teach cyber security concepts to others, this is a role for you.

A range of experiences are welcome. College students and coding bootcamp graduates are welcome to apply.

If you're reaching out about this role for a full-time position, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to schedule a time to chat about what the role looks like.


  • Experience running a CTF competition
  • Experience using CTFd in a CTF competition