Support Representative



About the job

CTFd is a web application for running Capture The Flag competitions. As the developers of CTFd we manage the open source version of CTFd as well as the hosted SaaS infrastructure and its associated projects.

Primarily this role is focused on providing support to our customers who are asking technical questions about the platform or CTFd.

You’ll be responsible for providing excellent customer service and support via email for Hosted CTFd instances. You’ll help us answer questions, create and edit help documentation, and generally help those who use CTFd on our infrastructure.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to create your own passion projects within the company related to supporting our customers and improving CTFd.

Day to day activities range from:

  • Replying to customer support emails. Examples include:
    • "How do I do X in CTFd?"
    • "Does this feature exist in CTFd?"
    • "I'm a professor, do you have an educational discount?"
    • "I would like to run a CTF for my company, can you help?"
  • Writing customer support documentation
  • Improving our internal support documentation so that we know how to help others

About you

You are someone with experience helping others figure out what's wrong. Whether that's IT support, restaurant experience, or even helping out at your local library.

You are fluent in English and have excellent writing skills (especially writing emails).

Deep technical knowledge or computer programming experience is not a prerequisite. However, you should be knowledgeable in basic troubleshooting techniques for computers and websites. You'll often need to be able to go beyond just clearing cookies/cache.

A range of experiences are welcome.


  • Previous experence in a customer facing role
  • Familiarity with Markdown and HTML (and CSS for extra bonus points)
  • Experience running a CTF competition
  • Experience using CTFd in a CTF competition