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Hiring hackers

Training developers

Teaching students

CTFd makes it easy to run a Capture The Flag of your very own

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Visualize your Teams

With all the visualization in CTFd you'll know what's going on with just a glance.

Control Everything

All you need to use to run your very own Capture The Flag is a web browser. Just use the built in administration panel and say goodbye to database queries.

Edit Everything

With its HTML editor, you can create entire pages inside of CTFd. Need to share lots of links? Make an FAQ? A contact page?
No problem.

Add Hints for those hard times

Hacking is hard work. If your users are stuck you can setup hints for them to get unstuck.

Clean but Customizeable

No clutter makes the default theme of CTFd a beauty without being opinionated. It works well but if you want something a little more you, there’s custom theme support built right in!

And save your CTF too

With the Import/Export feature, you can save your CTF and reuse all your hard work.

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For Security Teams

They say the best defense is a good offense. We believe that to protect against security threats, you have to know how they work.

There's no better way to learn offensive security than to play a Capture The Flag.

Want to train your engineers about real security attacks?

Or maybe you want to hire the best security talent?

Put a Capture The Flag in your pipeline and hire better hackers and better engineers.

For Schools

CTFd was created for education at one of the oldest engineering schools in the United States. One of its core focuses is helping educators teach students.

With custom plugins, CTFd can be used to teach students programming, ask questions, and conduct online tests.

Capture The Flags trained generations of the best hackers and they can be used to teach regular students too.

Best of all, CTFd is open source

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