Why CTFd?

CTFd is a Capture The Flag (CTF) framework designed for ease of use for both administrators and users. During the administration of CSAW CTF, the need for an easy to use, yet powerful CTF website was identified. I, as an organizer, was tired of writing raw and risky SQL queries alongside spaghetti PHP code.

CTFd is the result of those desires. Simple enough to run for small groups but designed to work for one of the largest CTFs in the world.

When developing a CTF, there are many pitfalls to be considered and CTFd is developed with them in mind.

Not only is CTFd full featured, but it's open source, written in the simple Flask framework, and easy to modify.

Instead of rewriting your CTF website every year, why not try out CTFd?

Kevin Chung, Developer of CTFd