CTFd Enterprise

The best companion for Cyber Ranges, company trainings, and ongoing workshops

Self-hosted on your infrastructure or

hosted on the CTFd Cloud

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New Game Types

Starting with King of the Hill, CTFd Enterprise supports additional game types beyond the traditional Jeopardy CTF.

Individualized Infrastructure

Unique isolated target servers for every user

No more users trampling over each other solving challenges

Web shells

Users can run complex command-line tools in their browser with a CTFd-integrated web terminal

CTF participation with just a browser!

All CTFd Cloud Features

All features, plugins, and themes available to you regardless of hosting infrastructure

Improved User Authentication & Permissions

Integrate with your LDAP, SAML, or SSO provider

Configure administrator permissions for content editors, judges, etc.

Direct Support

Engage with CTFd developers over a Slack Connect channel for rapid answers and issue resolution Self-Hosted Only

Additional oncall support for events and critical projects

Contact Sales

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